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Herbed Egg White Omelette

Okay guys, just a disclaimer. I’m not usually a fan of low fat “diet” foods – as in, I believe in eating healthy, but to deliberately make a dish just because it’s low-fat? Ugh. But say for example, you made a key lime pie [...]

Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches

So…Chris and I have been so blessed lately. We moved back to California from China a few weeks ago. 2 days after we arrived, Chris found a job -and not just any job, a good one, one that he will grow from. We needed [...]

Spanish Tortilla

A Spanish tortilla is a beautiful thing. Crisp golden coins of potato, the fresh taste of spring onion, all cooked together in a cake held together by eggs. Yum! It’s all my favorite breakfast foods rolled into one, in a neat and portable package. [...]

Japanese Style Grilled Eggplant

I’ve been on an Asian kick in cooking lately. Recently I’ve been trying a lot more Chinese food (which don’t require recipes so much as trial and error, and creativity in throwing different ingredients together) and trying to decipher all the different kinds of [...]

Edamame Arugula Soup

Here’s a soup that works for all seasons. Its flavor profile strikes me more as a spring-summer soup, served at room temperature or chilled, but it could also be a comforting reminder of spring served hot in the middle of winter. That’s the beauty [...]