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Got (Goat) Milk?

Goat Man Van

As many of you know, we are spending this year in China.  We live on an island off the coast of Fujian province, a beautiful small city named Xiamen with palm trees, beaches, and (usually, when not an El Nino year) beautiful sunny weather.  It’s one of the nicest cities in China to live in, and we’ve gotten quite used to life here.

Some things, however, you just never get used to.  Take the goat guy, for instance.  This fella drives around with a minivan packed with five female goats, all with their udders udderly full of milk.  Near our house, he’ll stop under the highway overpass and wait for customers to show up.  People will tell him how much they want, and then he’ll milk the goats right then and there!  I call that fresh!  Then he’ll either fill up a little plastic container they’ve brought, or a little plastic baggie with the warm, fresh from the udder, goat’s milk.  Oh yeah baby.

The goat guy’s actually come up in the world lately.  Last year he only had two goats, and he drove them around on one of the those motorcycle truck thingys (kind of a three wheeled truck).  This year he has FIVE.  Yep.

We were wondering whether we should try the fresh raw goat’s milk.  I’m a bit concerned that it’s not pasteurized, but I guess I could pasteurize it myself, and make feta from it or something.  What do you think?  Goat cheese?  Goat butter (heh heh from udder to budder)?

Have you ever used raw goat’s milk?  And would you try it?

9 comments to Got (Goat) Milk?

  • Supposedly goat milk is better for human’s than cow’s milk. I can’t say where I read that, but I did. I say give it a shot. I’d love to hear what you think. Fun blog post!

  • Camilla

    I’ve heard that too. I’ve actually heard that people who are intolerant to cow’s milk can sometimes drink goat’s milk. Here in China, a lot of parents give it to their kids to drink to help them grow up nice and strong.

  • Esther

    Give me a call if you see the goat man. I will come running with my stock pot to get a gallon of that good stuff!

  • Camilla

    Haha, sure, you got it!

  • Byron

    You should be fine drinking it fresh. You only need worry about pasteurizing it if you let it sit for a while. I would die for a nice steaming warm glass of goat milk. Actually if you chill it real fast it would probably be delicious.

  • Dottie Brown

    Great Photo –What entrepreneur he is!! Go for it !! Great for sunburn,to soften skin, soak frozen fish til it thaws for freshness! Remove ink stains!! AND drink and cook with it too
    I’m having fun “Helping you” LOVE MIMI

  • My family had 7 goats when I was growing up. I milked them every morning before school…we always thought it tasted fine, but a few years later I tried some; it wasn’t quite as good as I remembered.

  • Raw goat’s milk is second best to breast feeding when the
    mother is unable to have enough milk, or has given up.
    The infant requires human or goat’s milk up until three
    years old, when all the teeth are in. At this age the child
    no longer requires milk but will attain all their nutrients
    from fresh fruits, vegetables nuts, seeds and will thrive on
    these foods from the garden. Raw goat’s milk is easier to
    digest than cow’s milk as the latter creates large curds,
    which most humans do not digest or assimilate well.
    Primarily, raw goat’s milk is the ideal food for infants not
    breast fed. Past three, or adults do not require milk but
    obtain all the necessary nutrients from the above foods.