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Gourmet to Stop Publishing

Have you heard, have you heard?  Oh can it really be possible?

Gourmet Magazine, that queen of culinary publications, is to cease publishing its magazine in November 2009.  The decision came a few days ago and surprised everyone, including Ruth Reichl, Gourmet’s editor.  Conde Nast, which owns Gourmet, will be concentrating on Bon Appetit, a competitor to Gourmet which apparently has many more readers for its shorter, recipe driven articles.

Gourmet Magazine

And so, the economic “downturn” claims another victim, as the flagship of the food-loving world sinks under the pressure of our numbers-driven media obsessed society.

What will we do without Gourmet’s thoughtful, in-depth articles, that show not only a love of cooking, but a deep interest in where our food comes from and how it is eaten?  Where will our inspiration come from in this world of slap-dash cooking, pre-packaged meals that masquerade as dinner, and the rush of getting something, anything, on the table rather than enjoying what we are eating?  I mean, how can EveryDay with Rachael Ray still be surviving when Gourmet is gone (seriously, one so-called “meal” in the one RR mag I’ve ever read consisted of POTATO CHIPS.  Yes, POTATO CHIPS.  With some stuff on top.)

Well, of course we will find inspiration somewhere  – inspiration for food-lovers is always to be found – but one more star is sinking below the horizon.

Read my article about it here: Gourmet Magazine to Stop Publishing

I went out today and bought an expensive imported October issue of Gourmet for 65 Hong Kong dollars (that’s about $8 USD).  The pictures, recipes, and stories of Gourmet (the few issues that I brought to China) have given me hours of inspiration and enjoyable daydreams as I plan what recipes I can use in my tiny little kitchen in China.  Sure sometimes they were a leetle elitist… yes, sometimes I didn’t need to be told I needed a $20 shopping bag from Muji to put my fruit and vegetables in…  But still, I loved how Gourmet food writers cared where their food came from, and the hints of politics and ecological issues that trickled into a food magazine.  It was, as one writer put it, the New Yorker of food magazines.

Luckily I still have the Best of Gourmet Cookbook to cook through.

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