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Herbed Egg White Omelette

Okay guys, just a disclaimer. I’m not usually a fan of low fat “diet” foods – as in, I believe in eating healthy, but to deliberately make a dish just because it’s low-fat? Ugh. But say for example, you made a key lime pie [...]

Spanish Tortilla

A Spanish tortilla is a beautiful thing. Crisp golden coins of potato, the fresh taste of spring onion, all cooked together in a cake held together by eggs. Yum! It’s all my favorite breakfast foods rolled into one, in a neat and portable package. [...]

Kumquat Marmalade

I never ate kumquats in Toronto. Though I did always think the name was really cute. Kumquats. It’s got a deliciously whimsical ring to it, don’t you think?

My husband, who’s from California, of course had kumquats all the time, but for me, this [...]

Rosemary and Gouda Buttermilk Biscuits

I felt like scones this morning (my husband would say, “But you don’t look like one!”), but I didn’t want to use the recipe I normally use, which is for a sweet scone with currants. I was craving something more savory. Half an hour [...]

Emu Egg Quiche

Check this out. No, that is not some weird oval shaped avocado up there. That, my friends, is an emu’s egg.

What, you may ask, were we doing with an emu’s egg? Well the story goes like this: my brother-in-law and his wife were [...]