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Auntie Val’s Bolognese

My sister Sam graciously shared with me her fabulous mother-in-law’s recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese. I love to plumb the depths of my family’s in-laws’ recipe archives in the hopes of finding hidden treasure. I’m still hoping that I’ll get my other sister’s boyfriend’s mom’s [...]

Pasta with Broccoli Romanesco

Strangely, the very day after I read this post about pasta with broccoli romanesco on the blog Rachel Eats, I went to the local farm stand and lo and behold, there were several heads of delightfully emerald broccoli romanesco. I’ve never cooked this vegetable [...]

Garlic Scape Lemon Pasta: Taste of Spring!

For the longest time before we knew that garlic scapes were, in fact, garlic scapes, we just called them “those yummy green things”. In China, they are a common vegetable and are usually skewered on a stick, brushed with oil, dusted with five-spice powder [...]

Simplest Fresh Tomato Sauce

Cooking in China has its limitations. Sometimes you don’t have a can of tomato sauce in the pantry, or even a can of diced tomatoes. And you can’t run to the grocery store to get one, because the nearest store that sells tomato sauce [...]

Penne with Lemon Ricotta Sauce (and an attack on our poor basil)

Lovebird Attack on Basil

This morning, I got up and went into the living room to put some water on to heat for coffee. I looked over at the lovebird cage on the windowsill, and the cover was on, as usual (we [...]