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Orange-Watercress Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

When you live in China, it’s hard sometimes to find leafy greens for a salad. Not that there is a lack of leafy greens, but in Chinese cuisine, greens are served cooked, not raw, and therefore Chinese greens are generally sturdier and a little [...]

Red-Pepper Bruschetta

Here’s a refreshing and easy snack, inspired by the movie Julie and Julia. One of my favorite scenes in that movie, besides the scenes of Meryl Streep waxing rhapsodic over some perfectly cooked piece of food, is when Julie Powell makes these delicious looking [...]

Olive Gouda Quickbread or Savory Cake

I lived in France for a couple of years during my childhood, and all I can say is…anything they eat over there tastes good. I mean, getting a 9-year-old to eat Camembert and foie gras? Pretty impressive. Even school lunches served in the cafeteria [...]

Summer Rolls

Want a refreshing appetizer that will whet the appetite of your guests and hint at the freshness of summer, but not fill them up or weigh them down? Try these deliciously fresh summer rolls.

When Chris and I were in Vietnam a couple years [...]

Asian Napa Cabbage Salad

Growing up, my mom often made stir-fried Napa cabbage as part of our meals. In my mind, Napa cabbage always came cooked, as part of a Chinese family-style meal, with rice and the works. And it IS really good cooked, simply stir-fried with some [...]