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Green Pea and Basil Soup

It’s spring! Glorious spring!

We spent a weekend planting our little container garden on our balcony. I have a serious case of garden envy of anyone who has a little plot of land in which to plant a few vegetables. But we are doing [...]

Cheater’s Chicken Pho

You know when you crave a big bowl of steaming chicken pho (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup), but you can’t be bothered to make stock and everything from scratch? But more than anything, you want that heady fragrant broth filled with cilantro, chewy rice noodles, [...]

Wonton Soup

This time of year is the time for soup. And yes, even in sunny California it is getting a little chilly, putting me in the mood for soup, chili, and other comfort foods.

My mom used to make wontons with us kids, and we [...]

Chez Panisse and Oyster Soup

Last weekend we went up to the Bay area for a wedding and got a chance to check out Alice Waters’ famous flagship restaurant, Chez Panisse in Berkeley, with a couple of our friends, Anthony and Michelle. We enjoyed a delicious meal at the [...]

Edamame Arugula Soup

Here’s a soup that works for all seasons. Its flavor profile strikes me more as a spring-summer soup, served at room temperature or chilled, but it could also be a comforting reminder of spring served hot in the middle of winter. That’s the beauty [...]