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Plum Crumble

Plum Crumble on a Plate

There’s an interesting article in today’s New York Times’ Food and Dining section about school cafeteria lunches. A few groups of concerned parents have started to get the ball rolling on making more nutritious lunches available at school cafeterias. It’s an uphill battle, but in my opinion, a noble cause. Check it out: “Schools’ Toughest Test: Cooking”.

It is indeed appalling and shocking that most of New York’s school cafeterias are barely equipped to boil water, much less cook fresh meals. And proponents of the new “Wellness in Schools” campaign find themselves battling the processed food industry, budget limitations, as well as the lack of trained cooks. It is kind of sad, really, because I don’t believe that you need to spend a lot to cook fresh, nutritious food. There are so many obstacles in the way of these nutritious meals that really shouldn’t be there.

Plum Crumble

Anyway, speaking of easy and fresh, I made Orangette’s Plum Crumble this morning for breakfast. I don’t know what it is about Orangette’s recipes, but I always want to cook them, while I’m often bored with the recipes in cooking magazines. I don’t know that this recipe is exactly nutritious – it does have fresh plums, but also ¾ cup of sugar and several tablespoons of butter. It sure tasted good though. The “crumble” part is just rough and crisp enough to form the perfect contrast to the warm, soft, plummy filling, and there is just the right amount of spice to let the flavour of the plums shine through.

You can read the recipe at Orangette’s site. I personally think just a few changes would make it more to my taste – I would use just ½ cup of sugar in the crumble (it was a bit sweet), and I reduced the butter significantly.  Otherwise it was a great recipe – just the thing for the fall season.

Above Plum Crumble

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