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Jane’s Soy Sauce Clams

This is a deliciously simple preparation of fresh clams, stir-fried in a deep brown sauce of soy sauce and rice wine. The wine steams the clams open while the soy sauce bubbles, thickening and coating the clams with its savory goodness. Some thinly sliced [...]

Taiwanese Street Food

Chris and I had the good fortune of traveling to Taiwan between semesters, and we have been eating our way across Taiwan for the past 11 days. Don’t be too jealous; I brought lots of goodies, in the form of photos, for you to [...]

Chicken Katsu

I grew up eating my mom’s Chinese cooking, but strangely enough have never really explored cooking other Asian cuisines. Sure, I’m familiar with EATING it – in college I lived off discount take-out sushi (discount sushi? Gross, I know, but I loved it), bibimbap, [...]

Mango Pomelo Sago Soup

Chinese desserts are quite different from Western ones. They tend to be based on fruit and/or beans (red or green, generally), and often use glutinous rice, tapioca or sago. Unlike Western desserts, that often use lots of cream and dairy products, Chinese [...]

Happy Birthday China Dumplings

Yesterday we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China – the anniversary of the day Communist forces took over, vanquishing the Kuomintang forces that subsequently fled to Taiwan. Xiamen, being a more laid back and less political city than [...]