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Herb and Lemon Roasted Chicken

Last weekend I decided to do a little pre-Thanksgiving test of my new oven, so I thought I’d roast a chicken, just to see how the timing and the temperature of the oven worked. Surprisingly (it’s just a cheap rental apartment oven) it worked [...]

Chicken Normandy (Chicken with apples)

It’s my theory that anything cooked with alcohol tastes better. Whether it’s wine, or beer, or vodka, or…pretty much anything! Hard cider in this case. Now, before you dismiss me as nothing but a boozer, remember that when you’re cooking with alcohol, most of [...]

Chicken Katsu

I grew up eating my mom’s Chinese cooking, but strangely enough have never really explored cooking other Asian cuisines. Sure, I’m familiar with EATING it – in college I lived off discount take-out sushi (discount sushi? Gross, I know, but I loved it), bibimbap, [...]

Chicken Chili with Cornbread

Well, it’s getting cold outside, folks. On a whim today, I busted out the slow cooker and looked at it for a while, thinking about what I could make with it. Something hot. Something filling and cozy-feeling. Chili!

I searched the fridge. Two frozen [...]

Chicken Quesadillas

As you know, Chris LOVES Mexican food with a passion, and it has been a challenge to produce authentic-tasting Mexican food over here in China. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to satisfy my husband’s Mexican food cravings, such as homemade chorizo, [...]