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Bourgignon-esque Beef Stew

My, my, what a lot of meat we’ve been eating lately! Honestly, we usually don’t eat this much meat, it’s just that the recent dishes that I’ve thought worthy of sharing on here have been meat dishes.

Boeuf Bourgignon is one of those dishes [...]

Mom’s Chinese-Style Sticky Ribs

These ribs are delicious. It’s the recipe my sister bugs my mom to make all the time, the one she misses watching a movie with her friends for. Pork ribs are braised in dark soy sauce and rock sugar, with a hint [...]

Herb and Lemon Roasted Chicken

Last weekend I decided to do a little pre-Thanksgiving test of my new oven, so I thought I’d roast a chicken, just to see how the timing and the temperature of the oven worked. Surprisingly (it’s just a cheap rental apartment oven) it worked [...]

Chipotle Pork Stew with Rice and Lentils

My husband LOVES Mexican food. He grew up in Southern California where you can get a vast array of authentic Mexican or Americanized Mexican food, and he just LOVES it. Whereas me, while I grew up in Toronto where there is a huge variety [...]

Red-Wine Braised Duck Legs with Cranberries

Chris and I were not able to spend Christmas with our families this year, due to the small factor of us being in China, so when Christmas Eve rolled along, we found ourselves planning a special meal for just the two of us. We [...]