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Tamale Pie

Sometimes you just want comfort food. Good, warm, filling, comfort food.

This recipe arrived in my inbox from my weekly Saveur emails, and I was intrigued. Not being American, I had never had this so-called “American classic” (or so Saveur dubbed it). It looked [...]

Chipotle Pork Stew with Rice and Lentils

My husband LOVES Mexican food. He grew up in Southern California where you can get a vast array of authentic Mexican or Americanized Mexican food, and he just LOVES it. Whereas me, while I grew up in Toronto where there is a huge variety [...]

Chicken Quesadillas

As you know, Chris LOVES Mexican food with a passion, and it has been a challenge to produce authentic-tasting Mexican food over here in China. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to satisfy my husband’s Mexican food cravings, such as homemade chorizo, [...]

Chorizo con Huevos (With Homemade Chorizo)

My husband, Chris, has an obsession with good Mexican food. My Southern California boy craves Mexican food at regular intervals, which is not the most convenient craving to have when you live in Southern China (as many of you know, we live in Xiamen, [...]

Pico de Gallo

We love pico de gallo. It’s so festive, like little bits of colorful confetti, and so yummy. Pico de gallo is a great summer food when the tomatoes are in season, and lucky for us, here in October, tomatoes are still ripe [...]