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Spicy Korean Rice Cakes

When we were down in Orange County a couple of weekends ago, we stopped by at Ranch99 to pick up a few Asian goodies. Where we live, it’s hard to find Asian ingredients, so I was pretty stoked to stock up so I can [...]

A Peruvian Feast

This is my friend Lali (on the left). Isn’t she lovely?

Nevermind the mess and the hideous orange couch. I live in China, ok? That’s my excuse. Anyway, Lali is super cool. She is Peruvian-Japanese, which means her heritage is Japanese but she was [...]

Pico de Gallo

We love pico de gallo. It’s so festive, like little bits of colorful confetti, and so yummy. Pico de gallo is a great summer food when the tomatoes are in season, and lucky for us, here in October, tomatoes are still ripe [...]

Ma Po Tofu

Chris and I regularly eat out at Sichuan restaurants – it is one of our favorite Chinese cuisines and the bold flavours especially appeal to a Western palate (as long as you don’t mind spiciness). One of our favourite dishes is ma [...]