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Edamame Arugula Soup

Here’s a soup that works for all seasons. Its flavor profile strikes me more as a spring-summer soup, served at room temperature or chilled, but it could also be a comforting reminder of spring served hot in the middle of winter. That’s the beauty [...]

Garlic Scape Lemon Pasta: Taste of Spring!

For the longest time before we knew that garlic scapes were, in fact, garlic scapes, we just called them “those yummy green things”. In China, they are a common vegetable and are usually skewered on a stick, brushed with oil, dusted with five-spice powder [...]

Bulgur Wheat with Sauteed Vegetables

Bulgur wheat is an easy substitute for rice or couscous in many dishes, and it’s really easy to cook. Just simmer it in some water for about 15 minutes, and then leave it while it absorbs the rest of the water. Bulgur wheat is [...]